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Monday, December 21, 2009

Allowing Audience Members On Stage

Most 'live' performances that I've witnessed don't include an audience member joining the band. While this is the 'safe' way to go, I'd like to suggest another path.

I recently played a solo-gig at a party. I set up an extra mic and announced many times that, 'there's another mic here, just waiting for you to join me!'

I didn't have any 'takers' until the very end. Of course, the drunk brother of the host wanted to knock out a number. He did a poor job of 'Mustang Sally.' But, everyone danced and they all loved the song.

The brother slid me a C-note and with a 'wink,' said, 'thanks for that.'

Musically, it was a disaster, but it ensured that I'll get the call the next time they throw a party. And, the cash didn't hurt either!