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Monday, May 3, 2010

Open Mic - Auditions

Many venues use their open mic as a way to audition new acts for paid gigs.

If you are looking to get hired at a venue, and you're auditioning at an open mic, here are a few pointers...
  • Play the 'covers' that are appropriate for the 'paid gig' that you're trying to get
  • Limit any 'originals' to one, unless you're auditioning for an 'original-only' gig
  • Order something to eat and drink
  • Bring some people with you
  • Tip the staff
  • Come early and stay late
  • Socialize with the other performers
  • Make-nice with the host and with management
  • Go with a minimal gear setup
Here are some things to avoid...
  • Bringing in outside food and drink
  • Playing your set and leaving quickly
  • Acting like you are 'God's gift to the world' and all others are beneath you
  • Making too many demands on the host regarding equipment, etc.
I've seen people ignore these things and absolutely 'crash and burn' on many occasions.

If you want to make the most out of your audition, and possibly land a paid gig, take this stuff to heart.