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Monday, April 16, 2012

Writing For A 'Niche' Market

Most songwriters are trying to reach a very broad audience, and thus, they often write about things that are common to most people. Writing about emotions like love, regret, happiness, and pain are common place.

A different approach, used to great success by some writers, is 'niche' writing. That is, pick a specific market and write songs specifically for that market.

An example would be songs about pets. These tunes cab then be marketed to pet lovers through pet stores, online pet blogs, etc.

Pick a topic, write the song, and throw it out there.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Writing From A Different Perspective

I first learned the songwriting technique of trying different perspectives from a class that I took a number of years ago with an amazing songwriter, Steve Seskin.

Most songs are written in the 'first person.' The idea is when you're crafting a new tune, just try it in the 'second person,' and 'third person,' points of view.

See the difference that is made when the three points-of-view are applied to this line:

First Person: "I was a great man, living in an amazing time."
Second Person: "You were a great man, living in an amazing time."
Third Person: "He was a great man, living in an amazing time."

Apply all three to every song you write. Occasionally, you find one way fits better than your original idea.