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Monday, March 30, 2009

Use A 'Looper' To Gain An 'Edge'

Most major metro areas are overrun with talented solo performers. These musicians often compete for a limited number of paid gigs. Finding a way to gain and 'edge' on the competition is always a challenge.

Whenever I observe a performer using a 'looper,' I notice that the audience seems to be more engaged than normal.

If you haven't looked into the possibilities that a 'looper' presents, you should. It enables you to record guitar/vocals 'on the fly,' and then play over top of the recorded 'loop' during a live-performance.

The most practical uses are to record rhythm for a couple of bars and then play lead over it, and to record percussion that you can then play over.

The 'looper' is technology that can give you the 'edge' over your competition.

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