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Monday, May 4, 2009

Adding A Harmonica To Your Act

Bob Dylan, Steve Tyler, Neil Young, and John Popper, are just a few of the famous musicians that use a harmonica in their act.

A harmonica, played during select songs, can lend 'depth' to your performance. Audiences love it when a performer slides on the harp brace and goes to town.

Here a a few key reasons why you should consider adding a 'harp' to your act:
  • It's easy to play.
  • You can fill-up those pesky 'lead-breaks' with some lead of your own.
  • You'll be considered a 'multi-instrumentalist.'
  • Audiences love it.
  • It's cool.

I use a harmonica when I'm covering Neil Young songs. I love it!

Hohner just introduced a new harmonica model, the 'Blues Bender.' It is a pro-quality harp that retails for only $20. Go get one and start playing today!

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1 comment:

  1. Absolutely correct. The harmonica is easy to learn and for certain kinds of songs, it really adds a lot.