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Monday, June 1, 2009

Outdoor Gigs

The idea of playing a gig 'out by the pool' sounds very nice. And, it is nice, given the right preparations.

Shade - Make sure that your host has planned for your 'stage' to be out of the sun. Direct sun is bad for you and your gear.

Music Clip - If the wind is blowing, which it will, your music will blow away at just the wrong moment. A plastic 'chip clip' works well. Also, an extra capo does the trick.

Dry Surface - I've setup in the lawn for parties that go late into the night. We didn't have any rain, but the dew soaked all the gear. Lay down some plywood if you can't wrangle a covered patio.

Plan "B" - Make sure that your host has somewhere for you to setup if it rains. Also, make arrangements to get paid if the event is 'weather permitting.' I usually get 1/2 up-front, non-refundable.

Bring a Fan/Heater - If it's hot, a fan will save you. In the cold, a heater will keep the 'digits' moving.

Playing outside is great. Prepare well and enjoy!

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