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Monday, November 22, 2010

Open Mic Etiquette - Tune First

One of the biggest 'time-suckers' at an open mic is when musicians decide to tune their guitar on stage.

This 5-minute process is 'no big deal' if it happens once. But, when 5-people do it, it robs 25-minutes of performance time from others.

May I suggest bringing a small tuner with you? If you don't have one, ask the host to borrow one. Just slip away to a quiet place prior to your performance time and get tuned up.

Your fellow-performers thank you!


  1. I have a question... I am wanting to start my journey and jump on stage FINALLY... my problem is, I use primarily 2 different tunings, AND rely heavily on a capo. Is it bad etiquette to re-tune in between songs? Unfortunately, I don't have 2 guitars.

  2. Tom -

    The only issue is the time that it takes to re-tune.

    I'd suggest grouping all of your alt-tuned songs together, thus reducing the number of times you must re-tune.

    Keeping the show moving is the priority.


  3. Same idea with pedals, Don't go on stage an then unwind cords and start connecting them. Have them ready to plug in and play. If you're gonna bring your own amp and the host already has one set up, set it up before the show starts so you and the host are ready to play and won't have to make you turn down or up... but use your talent instead of accessories to save time and save your own gear for your show.