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Monday, February 14, 2011

Indie Artists Use Open Mics To Build Fan-Base

Today's 'indie' musicians have a plethora of marketing tools at their disposal. The Internet provides a virtual ‘touch-point’ that allows for constant, on-going communication with their fans. But, the Internet is no substitute for personal contact.

Many ‘rising stars’ use live-music open mics to build their fan-base.

Jamie D., an Atlanta-based musician, frequently attends local open mics. He stated, “I’ve tripled my fan-base by working the open mic circuit. It’s the most effective method for meeting new people, gaining fans, and networking, that I can think of.”

The formula is simple; take the stage, give it your best, circulate through the crowd and trade ‘demo’ CDs for email addresses.

The net result is that the audience members have seen you perform, talked with you, and have your music to play in their car on the way home.

When artists take the time to cultivate new fans using this method, the new fans are more-likely to respond to email invitations to purchase music and to attend shows.

In today’s crowded indie music space, it’s critical to make a personal connection with fans. Open mics provide a music-centric, fun, environment where musicians can perform their original music, network with other musicians, and build their fan-base.

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