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Monday, July 30, 2012

Play-out 'On The Road'

The next time you travel, for business or for pleasure, why not pre-plan to play-out an open mic?

It's a great way to meet fellow-musicians in other cities.

I have made some of my best memories from open mic experiences 'on the road.' Once, I was in Lucerne, Switzerland with my Swiss wife, Claudia. We found an open mic at which to perform. Upon arrival, we discovered that it was a rowdy venue, full of exuberant teens. With trepidation, I signed up. When I broke-out my 'Classic American Rock' covers, the place went nuts. They wouldn't let me off the stage. Good times.

Use the OpenMic.US Network to find an open mic in your next destination.

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  1. I agree traveling can bring unexpected gifts .The young and old surprise us many times. I just played at a place with a lot of young ones and received a warm Ok and shout .SAC