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Monday, January 14, 2013

Open With A Cover

Whether you're playing out at an open mic or at a paid gig, always open with a cover song.

Choose a song that really showcases your talents.

People are judging you. If you play something that they know, and you do a 'killer' version of it, you'll win their attention and their hearts.

You don't have to, 'sound like the record.' People love it when you take a popular song and 'make it your own.'


  1. I say, if your original can get a person to tap a foot or move their body, play it first. Then the cover becomes yours too. A cover played first is just another cover done like everyone else. An artist that can show their sound and their style can capture the people to listen to them

  2. Without getting somebody's attention, you'll never get the chance to make their foot tap. I stand by, 'open with a cover.' Years of hands-on evaluation here.