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Monday, April 11, 2011

Vocal Harmony Technology

If you're a music performer 'purist,' please ignore this post.

Have you ever tried using vocal harmony technology? If not, I strongly suggest that you do.

I have a Digitech Vocalist Live-4 that I use at every gig. I love it!

You plug your mic and your guitar into the 'box' and then take one-output to the board. The 'box' analyzes both the chords you're playing and the notes your singing to create perfect vocal harmonies.

There is a wide variety of harmonies that can easily be selected via the foot switches. As many as four-harmony voices can be selected.

The 'box' also has a large number of effect options for your guitar.

When performing as a solo-act, I find that the vocal harmonizer gives me that 'little something' that enables me to change-up my sound throughout the performance. Keeping the audience engaged and interested is very important and this tool does the trick.


  1. Hey Dave,
    I use the Helicon Harmonizer on my solo gigs and it definitely adds to what you're doing. Just don't overuse it. I see some musicians that add too much harmonies and is overkill. I think this device was meant to be subtle and tasteful. Also, I use a Boss loop station pedal and record rhythm loops on the fly to solo over during the song. I get a lot of positive feedback doing this and it also sets the bar out there in the music world. Use the technology to enhance your musical ability. Don't use technology to cover up your lack of musical ability.

  2. Jeff -

    Both points are excellent. Thanks!

  3. I use the Digitech Harmonizer in my solo performances... LOVE IT!